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How to use the drug Esslial Forte?

Esslial Forte is a drug from the group of phospholipids. It is used in the treatment and prevention of diseases and pathologies of the liver. The therapeutic effect is aimed at restoring the cellular structure of the body. The international unlicensed name is Comb Drug, phospholipids. ATH A - means of influencing the digestive system and metabolic processes.

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Instructions for use of the drug Glimeperid

Diabetes requires control of the blood sugar level of the patient. To do this, doctors use different medicines, taking into account the features of the picture of the disease. Among these drugs is a drug called glimepiride. General information, composition and form of release The drug Glimepirid is one of the hypoglycemic drugs.

Causes of impaired glucose tolerance, how to treat and what to do

The complete lack of exercise, evenings in front of a computer with a huge portion of a very tasty dinner, extra kilos ... We calm down with the help of a chocolate bar, have a snack or a sweet bar, because they are easy to eat without distracting from work - all these habits inexorably bring us closer to Of the most common diseases of the 21st century, type 2 diabetes.

The relationship of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

Diabetes mellitus of the first and second type is a serious and dangerous endocrine disease, which is characterized by a deficiency or partial shortage of the hormone insulin. In the first type of disease, the pancreas simply refuses to produce it. But with the second type, the so-called insulin resistance develops, which suggests that the hormone itself may be quite enough, but the cells of the body simply do not perceive it.

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Insulin Rayzodeg - a new solution from the company Novo Nordisk

The pharmaceutical industry does not stand still - every year it gives out more and more complex and effective drugs. Insulin is no exception - new versions of the hormone appear, designed to make life easier for people with diabetes, which are increasing every year. One of the modern developments is insulin Raizodeg from the company Novo Nordisk (Denmark).

Medicinal properties of walnut partitions for diabetics

Nuts are considered to be the favorite delicacy of most people. This is a very satisfying and healthy type of food, ideal for small snacks. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to eat walnuts in type 2 diabetes does not come as a surprise, since this disease is now very common and the health status of such patients directly depends on the food they take daily.

Spanish egg soup

Products: broth - 2 glasses; tomatoes - 2 pcs .; soy sauce - 2 tablespoons; chicken egg - 1 piece; green onions - as much as you want, but without fanaticism; ground pepper; olive oil - 1 tablespoon. Cooking: blanch whole tomatoes for a few seconds, remove, peel and chop finely.

Easy Touch home analyzers line

Glucometers differ in the degree of functional fullness. There are models with a simple interface, but there are also with additional options. The high-tech and functional devices include the line of Easy Touch. Device Easy Touch GCHb Easy Touch GCHb - biochemical analyzer for determining several indicators.

Are bananas allowed for diabetics?

After confirming the diagnosis, the doctor should tell about the changes in the diet. It is forbidden to include in the menu all products that can cause hyperglycemia. Refuse patients should not only confectionery, but also from many fruits. Separately, it is better to find out if there are bananas in diabetes and how they affect sugar levels.

Pylorus-preserving pancreatoduodenal resection: what is it?

Diseases of the pancreas often pose a question to the doctor and the patient - which treatment strategy to choose - surgery or conservative therapy. Surgery is a radical treatment, used in cases where the conduct of drug therapy is meaningless and not giving positive results. The main indications for surgical treatment are: pancreatic head cancer; chronic pancreatitis, subject to the presence of pain, which can not be stopped by the use of analgesics; multiple pancreatic head cysts; lesions of this part of the organ in combination with duodenal stenosis or duct through which bile passes; complications or stenosis after the operation of pancreatojejunostomy.

Sorbitol: the benefits and harm of diabetes

In case of diabetes mellitus, in order to maintain a normal glucose level, it is necessary to follow a certain diet with restriction of carbohydrates and sweets. In its natural form, sorbitol is found in many fruits and most of it is found in ripe rowan berries. Sugar substitutes can replace sugar, sorbitol belongs to their group.